Midwest Summer Road Trips

I am sharing great summer getaways for all my midwesterners today. A few of these bigger city getaways might be better to save for your 2021 bucket list when social distancing has settled down but many of them focus on outdoor activities that will still be possible with CoronaVirus restrictions. 

  1. The Lake of the Ozarks, MO
Photo by Karl’s Bait and Tackle

The Ozarks is the perfect summer getaway, I am daydreaming about it now. Enjoy boating, tubing, fishing, golfing and relaxing. It is the perfect summer escape for the whole family or a group of friends and it is super accessible for so many mid-western states. (Also, if you are watching the show Ozark, the city is nowhere near as dingy or spooky as they paint it out to be, it is truly beautiful)

  1. The Wisconsin Dells, WS
Photo by AmeriCash Loans

The Wisconsin Dells is the Disneyland of the midwest and now that I live in California, no one has heard of it and it blows my mind! The Wisconsin Dells is a city of waterparks and water resorts. I have many great memories with my family enjoying these waterparks. You can take wild water slides from one building to another on the resort or you can spend the day floating the lazy river. It is one of those trips where if you invest in a great place to stay, you’ll end up not spending much money on the rest of the trip because you are so entertained with all the hotel has to offer.

  1. Chicago, IL
Photo by newcityapts.com

Chicago just has everything to offer. You can check out my full blog post about a weekend getaway in Chicago here. In Chicago you could see a Cubs game, visit a museum, go to the Zoo, lay by the beach, take boat tours off the pier and eat a lot of great Pizza!

  1. Branson, MO
Photo by Biz417.com

Branson is similar to the lake of the Ozarks except Branson has less of a natural outdoorsy feel and more of a touristy city to enjoy. If you are looking for a lake trip where you don’t get bored sitting around a campfire or playing cards at night, you should choose Branson over the Ozarks and enjoy some time at adventuring the city’s Table Rock Lake and the Giant Go Kart track pictured here.

  1. Grand Haven, MI
Photo by Visit Grand Haven

In the summers, Grand Haven is like the Florida of the mid-west. White sand beaches, quaint small towns, you feel like you have been tossed back in time and all you need is a giant sun hat. I highly recommend Grand Haven if you are traveling from Ohio, Indiana or other areas of Michigan but if you are not in one of these states, it may become too long of a road trip.

  1. Omaha, NE
Photo by Nebraska Traveler

The best thing about Omaha in the summer? The Omaha Zoo! If you ask anyone from Omaha what their city is famous for it is the Zoo and the College World Series. It is a great place for a young family or even a cute short couples weekend. Spend the day at the Zoo and walk through the Old Market at night and it’ll be a summer trip to remember!

  1. Kansas City, KS
Photo by Visit KC

Kansas City has lots of attractions, you can stroll and shop the plaza and drink at Power and Light or Westport by night if you are traveling with girlfriends. If you are with family I would recommend staying closer to the west end of Kansas City (Kansas City, KS) and enjoying Top Golf and a Royal’s baseball game. Note that this photo is taken around Christmas time when the Plaza is lit up for the Holidays, however, it is beautiful year round,

  1. Milwaukee, WS
Photo by Travel Wisconsin

Brewery tour by day, Brewers baseball game by night, what could possibly go wrong? Milwalkee is another midwest city bordering Lake Michigan so there are lots of great lake activities to enjoy by day and shows, food and entertainment by night.

  1. Minneapolis, MN
Photo by Smarter Travel

Minneapolis has an abundance of parks, small lakes, and the Mississippi runs right through the city. You could stroll the parks, rent kayaks, or if you get bored of the outdoors it is a short drive to the Mall of America which is also a hop, skip, and a jump from Valleyfair amusement park.

  1. Madison, WS
Photo by Wisconsin Meetings

I found Madison, WS to be a very enchanting city. Everything about it was cute and picturesque. The city is centered on a lake, the UW campus backing right up to the lake. State street leads you towards the beautiful state capitol. I haven’t visited the Botanical Gardens in Madison before but they have great reviews so I thought I would mention them as an option for your trip too!

  1. Lake Okaboji, IA
Photo by Lincoln Journal Star

I couldn’t complete my list without at least one Iowa destination (Iowa is where I was born and raised) so I will end my suggestions with Lake Okoboji. I have fond memories of a few family trips to Lake Okoboji where we would rent cabins or stay at family friend’s lake houses (which you can likely airBNB) and spend the days kayaking, boating, fishing and discovering new adventures. If you’re a northern midwesterner, Okoboji may be a great choice over one of the Missouri lakes for a shorter road trip where you can spend more time in the sun.

I hope this post sparked some fun, cheap weekend trip ideas for your families or friends. I know that traveling this summer will be very different and some of the things I mentioned on this list like the Wisconsin Dells or professional baseball games may not be an option until 2021. This is why I kept the Lake of the Ozarks as my #1 recommendation on the list. There are other great lake trips your family could enjoy while still social distancing throughout the midwest such as Winona or Door County that I hadn’t visited so I did not include them here. If you have visited these, which destination is your favorite?

Tips for Visiting Catalina Island

Catalina Island is a neat escape off the coast of Southern California. The majority of the island’s population lives in the city of Avalon. Avalon feels as if you were dropped in a coastal city in Italy. The island is green and mountainous, there are tiny colorful homes built on the hillsides and sailboats dock along the coastline. I visited Catalina about 3 months after moving to California and it was a wonderful little weekend escape!

There are various ferry boat routes that can get you to the island but they are all run by one company so the ferries sell out fast and they can get pricey. The boat ride to the island is just under an hour and it can get quite chilly on the top deck. You should arrive early because the boat boards about 20-30 minutes before departure. The boat ride is very relaxing and I wouldn’t be worried about motion sickness because it is a large ferry. We went out of the port at Long Beach and the boarding area was easy to find and the parking was simple, but not free. In conclusion, book tickets in advance, arrive early for departure and pack a jacket for the ferry ride.

Once on the island, exploring the local boutiques is entertainment in itself. Wear comfortable shoes because the island is very walkable. There is a small beach in Avalon but it isn’t large enough to plan a full beach day around.

There are many other paid activities that I recommend while on the island:

  • Renting a golf cart and driving up to various island viewpoints
  • Ziplining tour
  • Kayaking
  • Visiting the Botanical Gardens

My favorite part of the day in Catalina was walking through the local shops with gelato in my hand. I also really enjoyed the views from Mt Ada, it is a perfect spot for a photo that encapsulates the beauty of your visit.

Although I loved the environment on Catalina Island, I would recommend only spending one day on the island if you are visiting California. There are so many amazing coastal towns to see in Southern California as well as fun cities like Los Angeles and San Diego.

Things to do in Chicago

Chicago may just be the most magical place in the Midwest. Growing up, I lived 4 hours from Chicago and my family often took weekend trips to the city as our family vacations.

Chicago is a great place to go with friends or with family but I highly recommend visiting during the summer. In the winter, the wind and ice can be pretty wicked and would ruin a lot of the activities I’m about to recommend. It can also be very cheap to get flights to Chicago since O’Hare is such a large airport hub.

Things to do

Shop Michigan Avenue

Michigan Avenue is the heart of downtown Chicago and is commonly called “The Magnificent Mile”. The shops, street performers, and attractions stretch for literally a mile so bring your walking shoes. While downtown you can go to the top of the Willis tower (or a cheaper option which is right on Michigan Avenue is the Hancock Building) and see great skyline views of the city. My greatest memory of Chicago as a child is getting to pick out one new outfit for my American Girl Doll at the Michigan Avenue store. Are American Girl Dolls still a thing? We also always loved popping into the Ghirardelli Chocolate store on Michigan Avenue because they hand out free samples to everyone at the door.

Go to a Sporting Event

Not to sound biased but you should go to a Cubs game. Cubs games are awesome and the atmosphere at Wrigley field is like nowhere else. The stadium is a quick train ride from downtown so do some reading on the public transportation lines the night before the game. It’s the best and easiest way to get to Wrigley if baseball isn’t your thing maybe you’ll enjoy the Bulls, Blackhawks, or Bears games.

Visit the Bean at Millennium Park

It sounds funny if you’ve never heard of it before but there is a giant famous bean in downtown Chicago at Millenium park and it’s the best spot for a tourist photo that screams “I went to Chicago”. Google “The Bean Chicago” and you will understand.

Check out the FREE Lincoln Park Zoo

My boyfriend and I were pretty broke when we took our first mini-vacation together to Chicago so we decided to check out the Lincoln Park free zoo. We were AMAZED. The zoo was perfect for us, it had lions and tigers and monkeys and you could feed some animals and you didn’t have to be there all day to feel like you got your money’s worth because you literally didn’t pay anything to be there. I highly recommend checking it out if you have a family.

Take a boat tour off of Navy Pier

Navy Pier is a great area to explore but i would certainly book some sort of boat tour if you’re headed this way. The architecture tour is actually very interesting and teaches you a lot about downtown Chicago. I have also done some of the thriller speed boat tours that are entertaining as well! There are not many dining options on Navy Pier so I suggest having eating before exploring this area. Navy Pier often has fireworks shows in the summer so you should look up if that is happening when you visit! 

See a Live Show

Chicago’s theater scene is amazing! I’ve seen so many great plays and musicals in downtown Chicago. The most memorable being Peter Pan and a musical called Kinky Boots. There is no one particular theater that stands out to me as the place to go so I would just choose the theater with the best show, price and location during your trip. I also never ran into a theater that was overly formal but for the most part I was seeing funny or family-friendly shows.

Visit the Aquarium or a Museum

To be honest, the educational part of vacation or being quiet in art galleries was never my cup of tea but my sister loved the art museums and my brother loved Shedd aquarium with the live sea life shows. If museums are your thing, Chicago has PLENTY to choose from!

Have an adventure at Six Flags

Have you noticed how nothing on my list is particularly relaxing? Chicago is a bustling city and what better way to burn some energy than riding roller coasters at Six Flags?

What to Eat

Oh my gosh, where do I begin!? Oh wait, I begin with Pizza! In Chicago you have to try a deep-dish Chicago-style pizza! My favorite place is Lou Malnati’s on N State Street. Any location is good but the one on North State Street is in a high-end area and people often drive buy in Luxury cars which make it fun to watch when you’re waiting to be seated. A tip is to call ahead because you can put your name down and if you know what you want they can get your pizza’s started before you’re even seated. You can end your meal with a cupcake from the Sprinkles cupcake vending machine just a few blocks away. 

Another great deep-dish pizza spot is Gino’s East. Any pizza place is going to have long waits at peak hours so be expecting this meal to be a full experience and come early if you want to avoid standing in long lines.

Another family favorite of ours is Jake Melnick’s on Superior Street. This restaurant has a sports bar feel with giant juicy chicken wings, BBQ Platters, Burgers, homemade mac ‘n cheese, and hand cut fries. Their menu has so much that we could always please everyone at this place. The environment is lively and the meals are well-priced for being in the heart of downtown. They also take reservations a day in advance through Google. 

If you’re looking for a fast-casual place for a quick lunch try Portillo’s this is a Chicago classic. It is pretty hectic inside because you order different meals from different counters but it is a unique and local experience with a lot of cheap options. In this old-style eatery you order at the counter, seat yourself and listen for your number to be called in just a few short minutes. 

Where to Stay?

I strongly recommend staying downtown as close to Michigan Avenue as possible. Getting into downtown and trying to navigate the incoming traffic each day is a nightmare that I do not recommend. Do it once to get to the Hotel and from there, walk, uber, or take the train everywhere you need to go and it’ll be much smoother.

I remember growing up in the summers we would stay at the DoubleTree by Hilton on Ohio Street. We loved it for it’s rooftop pool and it was only a short walk to Michigan Avenue, Navy Pier and the Giant Bean.

One trip when we were all adults we stayed at a nice Waldorf Astoria property on the north tip of the Magnificent Mile on Walton Street. Oh my gosh, it was a beautiful palace-like hotel that I will never forget. This location was walkable to Michigan Avenue and our favorite Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria.

3-Day Itinerary

If I were to pack together the best 3-Day experience in Chicago, this is what I would do. Please let me know if you try this itinerary how it works for you! I hope you have a great time!

Day 1: 

In the morning, start on the North end of Michigan Avenue and walk South exploring shops like Ghiradhelli, the Apple Store, Nike Store, etc. Before you cross the bridge stop for a quick lunch at Billy Goat Tavern (a hidden, timeless burger joint that has been around since 1934). After lunch, cross the bridge and walk to the Giant Bean for some great photos. From here, I would order a quick uber to Navy Pier to give your feet a rest. Explore Navy Pier for the afternoon and spend an hour on the Architectural Boat Tour (be sure to book your tickets for the boat tours in advance because they can sell out fast in busy seasons). The tours depart from Navy Pier or Michigan Avenue. After the Pier, freshen up for a great Chicago-Style dinner at Lou Malnati’s on North State Street (I highly recommend calling ahead for seating). End your night with a cupcake from the SPRINKLES cupcake ATM just a few blocks from Lou Malnati’s.

Day 2:

Hit the Lincoln Park Zoo for the Morning. If the weather isn’t great, do the Shedd Aquarium instead, both are wonderful but I prefer the Lincoln Park Zoo because it is free. Eat a late lunch/early dinner at Jake Melnick’s. Head to the hotel to freshen up before catching an evening theater show in town. There are so many great theater productions in Chicago!

Day 3:

In the morning, visit the top of the Hancock Building or the Willis Tour for skyline city views. Grab a casual lunch at Portillo’s. In the afternoon, attend a baseball game at Wrigley Field. There are many other sporting events you can attend if the Cubs are not playing in town but Cubs games have such an amazing atmosphere!

Happy Traveling!

The Ultimate Girl’s Weekend in Orange County/Los Angeles

In November, I moved to beautiful Irvine, California. I was previously living in Texas but my company had relocated me for a new role. I moved with my boyfriend who I had met in college at Kansas State University. Naturally, when you live somewhere warm like California you quickly have friends from the midwest willing to visit you in January because it is FREEZING in Kansas.

So I planned the ultimate girl’s weekend. 4 of my closest friends from college were flying out to see me and I had stocked up on wine, tequila and air mattresses. We had the best weekend and I felt like I got to show them so many of the best pieces of Southern California! Here are some of the things we enjoyed and I hope you can experience a few as well!

Day 1: Laguna Beach

The girl’s arrived midday to the LAX airport. We grabbed lunch at an awesome quick spot called Mendocino Farms about 5 minutes from the airport. We got settled in at my tiny, 700-square-foot apartment, popped open a bottle of wine and started getting dressed up for Laguna Beach.

My favorite thing to do in Laguna Beach is to watch the Sunset from a little spot called The Cliff. This is a unique spot located right on the water. On the property is a bar, a restaurant and lots of little local artisan shops. The shops have everything from paintings to jewelry to homemade soaps. You can grab a glass of wine and wander the shops on the property until sunset. At sunset you’ll have the perfect view and there are nice outdoor heating lamps and live music begins shortly after sunset.

There are some cute boutiques between the Cliff and where we ate dinner. My favorite is this store with hundreds of thousands of pairs of funny socks in it! The perfect souvenir to bring home to family/friends for cheap! There are also many free art galleries you can explore around The Cliff.

Next, we went to dinner a short walk down the hill at Carmelita’s. Carmelita’s has mexican dishes that are to die for! The atmosphere is the best part of this restaurant. It is tiny inside the restaurant. There are maybe 15 tables inside and it is always packed. You will want to make a reservation on their website in advance.

You can finish your evening with Gelato from Gelato Paradiso a short walk away. This is a famous little spot on Laguna Beach but we were too stuffed from the Mexican food to have Gelato.

Day 2: Disneyland

So, I spent a lot of time wondering if it would be worth it for a $130 ticket to Disneyland as adults. The answer is, 100% YES DO IT IT WAS SO FRICKEN FUN! Here is my best advice: Go on a weekday if possible. Buy the most basic ticket you can and then download the DisneyLand app and buy a fastpass for each person in your group (this is an extra $15 per person but every 90 minutes you can select another fastpass). Fastpass is the way to go, we hardly waited in any lines for the major lines. Most importantly, get assigned seat tickets to the evening show. When we attended, the evening show was titled “Fantasmic”. It was incredible but we could hardly see, I regret not getting seats for it early.

Pro-Tip Find Cute Minnie Mouse Ears on Amazon before visiting Disney!

The whole day was incredible, there was no whining and complaining, we didn’t wait in lines, the food was fairly cheap and we packed snacks and water bottles. I also bought cute Minnie Mouse ears for everyone on Amazon in advance and they were so fun! Everyone in the park was wearing $30 Minnie Mouse ears but ours were only $5 from Amazon!

In the evening a 5th one of my girlfriends arrived as a surprise! We hit the hot tub and enjoyed more wine to finish off our day!

Day 3: Huntington Beach and Newport Beach

We woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed ready for a morning beach cruise on Bicycles. We drove to Huntington Beach where there are tons of rental shops along the beach (all of the bikes are very worn out so don’t expect anything too nice). We rented one of those golf cart pedaling things that holds 6 people. Major regrets! It was so hard! We made it about a half a mile to Sandy’s beach grill where we ordered Mimosa’s and enjoyed the sun. 

Huntington Beach is known as Surf City, USA. If you walk out onto the Huntington Beach pier you can often spend some time watching the surfers catch some great waves! 

After we freshened up for the afternoon we ubered from Irvine to the Newport Beach area. We bought $10 Groupon’s for a 60-minute sunset cruise on Newport Beach that included 1 drink ticket. The cruise was a great way to enjoy the beautiful coastline at Sunset. I would totally recommend the cruise and I would guess they will continue the Groupon for a while. Before purchasing the Groupon, make sure the cruise company has enough tickets for your group on the day of your visit.

$9 Sunset Cruise, yes please!

We stopped at a fortune teller shop nearby and for the first time ever, I had my palm read. It was pretty mind blowing how much of what she said resonated with me.

We ate a late dinner at Angelina’s which is an Italian restaurant back in Irvine. (If you go get the Bolognese, so good!)

Day 4: Hollywood

On the evening of day 4 the girls would fly out of Los Angeles so we decided to visit Hollywood.

We stopped for lunch at one of my favorite spots in Long Beach. If you put Desano’s, Long Beach in your maps it will take you to this quirky little eatery with 5 or 6 different vendors. All of the seating is outdoors and it is a great spot for a large group. They have pizza, burgers, waffles, ramen and more.

Once in Los Angeles we walked up and down Hollywood Boulevard taking photos of the stars on the street of our favorite actors and musicians. The Jimmy Kimmel studio is on Hollywood Boulevard and I was recently told that if you go online, tickets for the show filmings are free you just have to get tickets early enough. There are a lot of interesting people and street performers to watch on Hollywood Boulevard. The girls also wanted to see the famous Hollywood sign but we didn’t have time to hike the entire Griffith Observatory so we drove to a much simpler viewing spot that the locals know. This secret viewing spot is the top of the Home Depot parking garage in Hollywood haha! From here you can see the sign from a distance. It is just enough to say you’ve seen it.

I think seeing the Hollywood Stars is on everyone’s bucket list!

You would definitely want to rent a car if you plan on exploring like this. Most of the destinations we visited were about 20-30 minutes from Irvine and Los Angeles. California is such a great place to visit with friends, let me know if you explore these areas!

What to do in Austin, TX

Austin’s city slogan is “Keep Austin Weird” and it’s is truly a city that beats to its own drum. I lived in Austin from May to November in 2019. Living in Austin for 6 months gave me enough time to do every tourist activity but also find the best local restaurants. I hope this travel guide helps you enjoy your trip!

Areas to Explore

  1. Rainey Street – Rainey Street is a strip of local bars and restaurants. Each stop is unique in its own way. Container Bar is a bar built completely out of shipping containers. UnBarlievable is a bar inside an old house that is Circus themed. There are arcade games, an adult slide, circus animals and plenty of music and drinks. Bangers on Rainey street is also located inside of an old house but is known for its brunch and massive outdoor beer garden. Rainey Street is a great place to bar hop if you are traveling with friends or a significant other. The food at the restaurants on Rainey is nothing special but the food trucks are worth checking out!
  2. The Domain – The Domain is a large outdoor shopping plaza with plenty of shops and restaurants to keep you entertained for a full day. Our favorite place in The Domain is Culinary Drop Out, a restaurant with yard games, ping pong, and awesome appetizers over Happy Hour. The Domain also has a Punch Bowl Social which includes bowling, foosball, shuffle board, etc. TopGolf is a block off the edge of The Domain incase some of your crowd gets bored exploring the shops. The Domain has a strip of unique bars of its own on Rock Rose Avenue if you’re looking for some fun night-life. The best place to eat in The Domain is Velvet Taco (Oh I miss those glorious tacos). Velvet Taco has wild tacos such as a chicken and waffle taco (the Tikka Chicken is a crowd favorite if you like spicy food).
  3. 6th Street – 6th Street is a world of its own in Austin! 6th Street is the central party scene in Austin and it won’t be worth seeing until after 11 PM. There are 3 sections of 6th Street and you have to decide who you are as a person before you know what area of 6th Street is your beer-Narnia. First, there is “West 6th”, this is for the uppity people who enjoy sipping a cocktail and chatting with friends at a nice table. The bars on West 6th are slightly more elegant and you can expect to visit 2 or 3 in your evening. Next we have “Dirty 6th” this is central 6th Street south of campus and it is DIRTY. On Dirty 6th you will dance your whole night away to live music. You will drink shitty Vodka 7s and you won’t remember how many exactly in the morning. You will remember the greasy delicious food that is likely in your bed with you. Visit Dirty 6th if you are looking to re-live your glory days. Lastly, you have “East 6th” which is the hip, edgy version of 6th. This is the area where there are regulars in the bars because people have found a place that matches their “vibes” and they will spend the whole night laughing with friends together in a booth. 
Rainey Street

Sites to See

  1. Texas Capital – the state capital of Texas is right in the middle of downtown Austin and can be best seen from Congress Avenue which is the original main drag through downtown. When I visited the capital, it was free to enter and explore but you should check the schedule online if you’re hoping to go inside. If you continue your stroll up Congress Avenue you’ll see some historic theaters and shops.
  2. Zilker Park – Zilker Park is a massive Green Space in the heart of Downtown Austin. Barton Springs Pool is a watering hole that is incredibly popular in the summer and a great place to visit to cool off. Zilker has multiple hiking trails if you’re looking for an escape from the noise. You can regularly find locals soaking up some fresh air or playing a pickup game of Ultimate Frisbee in Zilker Park. Zilker hosts many events and festivals throughout the year that attract hundreds of thousands of tourists to the city of Austin. 
  3. Lady Bird Lake – Lady Bird runs right through Zilker and Downtown, Austin and is incredibly clean for being in the heart of a city. There are always cheap Groupons for kayak and paddle board rental on Lady Bird which was my favorite thing to do in Austin! Nothing like packing some white claws, floating in a kayak with a view of the downtown skyline.
  4. University of Texas – You’re in the Longhorn state and this campus is home to the Texas Longhorns. The campus and it’s football stadium are downtown and have over 60,000 students enrolled each year. It is beautiful to walk through and I always enjoy exploring different schools. 
Lady Bird Lake Downtown, Austin

Places to Eat

  1. VeraCruz – Breakfast tacos – Austin is known for breakfast tacos and these are the best in town 
  2. Hop Doddy – Burgers (Casual)
  3. DeSano’s – Pizza (Casual)
  4. Velvet Taco – Tacos (Casual)
  5. Cabo Bobs – The Austin version of Chipotle (Casual) 
  6. Cava – Salads and Bowls (Casual)
  7. Bar Peached – Unique Dishes (Should wear jeans atleast)
  8. Doc B’s Kitchen – Every type of food (should wear jeans atleast) 
Veracruz Breakfast taco – I wake up thinking about this taco every day.


If I could build the perfect itinerary for you of how I would spend a weekend in Austin, this is how it would go:

Day 1: Visit the Capital, walk Congress Street, Dinner at Bar Peached, Drinks on Rainey Street (be sure to hop from bar to bar on Rainey, there are no covers and each bar is very unique and different) then get a good night’s rest

Day 2: Start your day with Veracruz Breakfast tacos, shop around the Domain area (Beta is a really cool store to explore), Lunch at Velvet Taco (trust me the tacos are very different, you won’t mind eating tacos twice in one day), in the afternoon hang out at Punch Bowl Social or Topgolf, then head to Culinary drop out for Happy Hour (order their Korean chicken tender appetizer) play games on their patio, while enjoying your Happy Hour put your name in online for a table at Doc Bs. Eat dinner at Doc Bs. From here if you’re a casual drinker, try some of the bars right around the corner on Rock Rose Avenue. If you’re dying to see the Austin action, head down to 6th Street, hang out till about Midnight at a bar then go watch the crazy people on Dirty 6th and join the party.

Day 3: Sleep in, wake up and grab a Summermoon coffee (you have to order a drink with “Moon Milk” in it, it’s life changing!) Next, walk through campus. Grab a salad for lunch at Cava or a burger at HopDoddy. Pick up a groupon to Kayak Lady Bird Lake for the afternoon. Take a walk through Zilker Park if you want more outdoor time. End your day with a DeSano’s Pizza. 

In this 3-Day itinerary everything is strategically grouped by location so that you don’t find yourself losing your entire trip to traffic. Let me know if you decide to use it!